Groups & Classes

When Oliver was born, I had no idea just how important these would become to me. I didn’t know many people with babies, and found being at home on my own with a new baby a little daunting.  But after braving my first couple of groups, with ...Read Morelittle Oliver in tow, I met other mums, dads and nannies who were very much in the same ‘uncharted waters’ as me. We both benefitted hugely: the groups and lessons have been invaluable. Not only have we made what I hope will be life-long friends, but Oliver has developed confidence around other children in addition to physical, mental and social skills which may not have come so easily if we had stayed at home. And the routine and structure that comes with weekly sessions were just what we needed. So from a personal perspective, I cannot recommend finding a group which suits you and your child highly enough. To help you find the right one, it is worth bearing in mind that many groups offer a trial session. This is a great chance for you to get a feel for the class and to see how your little one takes to it before committing. The range of baby groups is extensive. It includes sing and sign (which helps your baby to communicate before they can talk) movement classes, arts & craft, messy play, dancing, drama and many more. Some are casual drop-in sessions while others lead your child through a more structured programme. I have extended this section beyond baby groups as clubs continue to play an essential part in children’s lives long after they’ve graduated from sing and sign. Whether your child’s passion is climbing walls, ballet, media, science, martial arts or swimming, there is a group to help them harness and develop it. All you have to do is be the taxi-driver.