About Totally Kiddies

The idea of Totally Kiddies was born not long after my son, Oliver. He is my inspiration and the reason I have been so determined to transform my idea into reality.

As a first time mum, I found it really hard to find out about local groups and classes. I knew they would be great for him, and give me the chance to meet other mummies but the information was hard to find, especially as I was looking at a time when I had my hands pretty full of the fun and frolics of a new baby. I also found that I kept missing lovely family events, as I didn’t know about them until they had taken place.

The few we managed to join – mostly through local leaflets – were enjoyable for us both, widening our horizons and introducing us to a whole new world of swimming lessons, Sing and Sign, and perhaps even more importantly, to other mums and dads clutching their babies with similar bemused expressions.

I decided that I wanted to make it easier for parents to discover what is out there in the local area. And the more I looked, the more I found, and the more certain I became that a single site gathering useful information about nurseries, schools, further education, what’s on, children’s activities and where to go with the family in Oxfordshire would be invaluable. Luckily I have over 16 years in media and publishing to draw upon and put to good use. Oliver and I are thoroughly enjoying discovering and exploring new places, and I hope you will too.

This site is for you: I hope you will find it easy to use and helpful…

Have fun and enjoy.

Sam x